Motorola MT2090 Handheld Mobile Terminal

Motorola MT2090 Handheld Mobile Terminal
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When you buy a Motorola MT2090 Handheld Mobile Terminal, you get a pre-loaded value-add software application that allows you to scan and send barcode information to your business applications wirelessly, the same day your devices arrive — no programming or IT expertise required. Scan-to-IP is easy to use — anyone in your organization can set it up and enable bar code scanning in just minutes. Since Scan-to-IP works over your existing Wi-Fi wireless LAN (WLAN) instead of Bluetooth®, you can enable bar code capture anywhere in your facility. And you can send the data to virtually any application on your network. The result? A rapid return on your investment — your business can begin reaping the benefits of mobility shortly after you take the device out of the box. You can send the captured bar code data to the application of your choice, including an Excel spreadsheet or a Microsoft Word or Notepad document. Since Scan-to-IP uses the Wi-Fi radio instead of the Bluetooth® radio, your workers can scan barcodes anywhere inside your facility that has Wi-Fi coverage — the Bluetooth distance limitation is eliminated.

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